Flameworks people at "Clay - A Festival of Ceramics" - Barnstaple : Sunday June 30th 2019

Flameworks based ceramic artists Leigh Mason and Angie Wickenden will be at Barnstaple for Devon Pop Up’s event “Clay - a Festival of Ceramics” on Sunday June 30th, 2019.

Here’s a look at last years Festival… which gives you an excellent idea of what to expect :

Pottery by Flameworks ceramicist  Angie Wickenden  will be on view

Pottery by Flameworks ceramicist Angie Wickenden will be on view

Fellow Flamworks ceramicist  Leigh Mason  will also be there

Fellow Flamworks ceramicist Leigh Mason will also be there

Event organiser Tracey Benton explains the day :

“ Studio potters and ceramic artists from across the South West and beyond will be gathering in

Barnstaple to sell their work and demonstrate their skills at the event.

Now in its third year, Clay: A Festival of Ceramics is drawing makers from Devon, Dorset,

Cornwall, Somerset & Bristol along with contemporaries from much further afield including

London, Surrey, Hereford, Wales and the West Midlands, all drawn by the festival’s growing

reputation as an exciting quality event in the UK show calendar. It has grown into

the biggest celebration of ceramics in the South West attracting around 2,000 visitors and

buyers last year.

Barnstaple’s historic Pannier Market is the home of Clay: A Festival of Ceramics – a fitting

venue to demonstrate the diversity of ceramic techniques and disciplines being practised

today. Discover over 70 talented ceramicists chosen through competitive selection, including a

new generation of exciting new emerging makers alongside established potters from the British

studio pottery scene with many years of creative work behind them.

The new wave of emerging makers includes Mitch Pilkington (selected by the Crafts Council for

the prestigious 2019 Hothouse programme); Bridie Maddocks (who trained as an apprentice

with Nic Collins and Sabine Nemet) and Claire Scott (a fine artist and potter with a structural

approach to her ceramic pieces alongside more established ceramic artists including Roger

Cockram, Rob Sollis, Nic Harrison and Tom Knowles Jackson.

The event is independently curated by Devon Pop Ups and aims to

celebrate the rich heritage of the area; past and present. North Devon was once famed for its

earthenware pots which sailed across to the New World as far back as the 17th Century. Red

earthenware clay was readily available from Fremington and white clay from Peters Marland.

Slipware became synonymous with the area which featured highly detailed sgraffito designs.

Fast forward to today and the area boasts an abundance of renowned contemporary ceramicists.

‘I felt there was a need for a big event for the ceramic community and collectors in the South

West, and I’m thrilled that Clay has grown to fill this gap in the UK Ceramics show calendar. We

really have drawn some incredible talent to North Devon and it’s an opportunity to celebrate the

region’s rich ceramic history. And, from a visitor’s perspective, being able to pick up a pot and

talk to the person who made it, makes for such a joyful and memorable purchasing experience,’

says Tracey.

Alongside exhibitors there will also be a series of demonstrations of ceramics techniques and

processes from the West Country Potters Association as well as workshops and a potter’s

wheel experience.

For full details and admission prices etc go to the Devon Pop-Ups festival of ceramics web page

You can find it by clicking here : CLAY : A FESTIVAL OF CERAMICS